Saturday, October 1, 2011

::Using Less; Making More::

As I look back on these months and years of my life I am forced to smile at all of the crazy things I have done, been through and seen. I am brought to pondering what it is I am aiming for now; my goals, my desires, the direction I feel I most need to be moving. I have come to realize many things about how I want to live my life; how I am helping myself as well as how I am hindering myself.
 I sit this morning looking out of my window at the foggy, damp, chilly glory that is this fall day and sudden clarity has hit me. I need to stop purchasing least most things. I am a very self reliant person and yet I have found that I have allowed myself to become very much a consumer of unnecessary items. So I am making a change. Starting NOW I am going to minimize the purchasing I do from anywhere...the grocery store, the craft store (ouch!), any place I might spend without thinking. I will only be buying that which is absolute necessity. Also, if I can make it I CAN"T buy it!  My goal is that by the beginning of next year I will be making all that I need...even undies! Yep I am happier when i'm living "slow" and I need to slow down even more so that I don't miss this glorious life that I have been blessed with!

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