Monday, October 3, 2011

Somedays The Tortoise...

This morning is a beautiful morning. A cuddle with your loved ones morning. A let's not do anything faster than slow kind of morning. This morning I feel thoughtful, methodical, calm, rooted. I am ready to move through the day like a tortoise through the ocean; steady and with a definite purpose but not really trying to fly quickly enough from one place to another. Some mornings are just as beautiful but far less calm. Those are the flyout of bed like the kitchens burning mornings. The how did I sleep through the kids playing for an hour mornings. The let's get this show on the road we have much to do and no time to do it all mornings. Those mornings I am like the hare. Darting aimlessly from one place to the other with much gusto and bravado. Believing that somehow if I just fly quickly I will beat the clock and force time to do as I wish. Those mornings time wins despite my efforts; I forget sometimes that the tortoise always beats the hare silly me! In those mornings are lessons to be learned. However, this morning is not one of those mornings. This morning is beautiful and I am the tortoise. Who are YOU this morning?

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