Saturday, October 8, 2011

Secret Little Pleasures

Do you ever do something that makes you giddy but that would make you blush if your friends knew about? Nothing naughty or lacivious...just something that you feel you shouldn't spend so much time doing (it may feel like a waste of time better spent cleaning) but you just can't help yourself! I have a handful of these and I felt like coming clean about them.

Cut out doily to mask shape, coat with lacquer or glue to make firmer, stick diamante's in place, elastic to tie on each side.
Pinterest (photo property of pinterest),
Reading Blogs for an hour EVERYDAY, Sitting On The Porch Staring at Nothing, Wearing Jammies ALL DAY!,
Gratuitous Self Portraits in the Bathroom (my hair was escaping!). I'm sure there are more but these were all the top of my list. Silly?...uh yes! But silly is the spice of life and I love spices!!! Happy Saturday!

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