Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crafts for The Season

(an oldie but of my favorites)
It's Fall, it's Fall! Fall is finally here! I love this time of year! Now I can layer in super funky or cute ways and not overheat. Now I can crochet for long periods of time without my palms sweating and making the hook slippery (cozy sweaters here I come...not to mentions hats, cowl scarves, baby and kid stuff galore!) This is the time of year where crafting goes into overdrive. A craft for every precious moment of the start to the holiday season. On my hook(s) right now several projects in various states of completion.
A comfy pair of roll top pants for my youngest.
 A royal purple dress at its early stages for a friends brand new baby girl.
And for this mornings outings I am off to the yarn store to price and pick out some yummy yarn in preparation to work on a commissioned sweater!

This is just the beginning. I have holiday gifts to start and some cozies for each of the older kids too! Maybe if I am lucky- and swift of crochet -me and the "hubby man" will get some cozies too! So, whats on your hook or sticks? Let's see what gorgeous projects are in the making. Drop a link along with your comments so that we may all have a peek!

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