Monday, September 26, 2011

Right Now

Right Now I am...

:loving the shangrila look that the fog has created on the mountains.

:excited to have my computer back after two weeks without it; so much work to finish but I am thrilled to have the projects at hand!

:calculating the amount of space my new chicken coop will take.

:daydreaming about all of the wonderfulness I am able to do with my new yard...yayayayayay!

:enjoying the start of fall and my newest project.

:wishing the most beautiful and glorious day possible to each and every one; I have missed you all glad to be back!


  1. Hello Ruth,

    Nice family pics. I will be sending you your "friends" swap parcel this week, hope you enjoy everything.

  2. Hi Ruth. Your children are so beautiful.
    We have a chicken coop, too, right here in the middle of Toronto! We get about 15 eggs/week from our 3 hens.

    Glad you are back online!