Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cookies For Breakfast?!

 It has been busy (the good kind of busy) and warm and we have been refusing to let go of the summer like pull of these few super sunny and hot days. We have let the chores falter, the yard work sits, the laundry stacks...I heard dirty socks planning a revolt if they aren't washed soon!

We have been having breakfast for dinner and dessert for breakfast. And why not? Everyone deserves a sweet surprise now and again and breakfast cookies is one way to brighten any morning!
We recently discovered the unique yumminess of the wonderful family cook book "Apples for Jam" and we came across the oatmeal cookies. Tessa makes the argument (and who really needs convincing) for having these delightful little cookies for breakfast that I was compelled to take her advise.
These little circles of joy were so good that we left none for snack. Cookies for breakfast...this just might become a habit!

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