Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have no camera at present and this really bums me out. ~sigh~That said, I have a little secret I wanted to share. While I have been an avid crocheter for nearly 15 years I must admit that I have no idea how to read a crochet pattern. Not even a little bit! I don't know what the abbreviations mean or any of the lingo and I tend to make up all of my patterns as I go along. This can have it's ups and downs...and for the most part it has been a series of creative ups. Yay! A few days ago, though, I was looking around on Ravelry and I noticed all of these great ideas for little ones; overalls, hats, toys, etc.  And "POOF" it hit me! I want to make ALL of these things! All I have to do is purchase and download patterns and these yummies could be mine to create to my hearts content. Oh yeah, did I mention I also need to learn how to "really" crochet! So now I am on a self propelled crash course to learn how to understand crochet patterns. Here is a big plus. There is this really wonderful book I have come across called "The Chicks with Sticks Guide to Crochet" and so far I am doing great. Hopefully I will have something to show by the end of next week (fun baby coveralls maybe ~wink wink~ if all goes well). Wish me luck.

Because I have no new pictures I will leave you with a favorite of mine. Enjoy!

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